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Jeongseon Ari Hills Zip Wire Ticket 요약정보 및 구매

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Product information

* Please note that reservations are available 2 days before use.

Please make sure to check as the following are restricted from boarding.

* Zip wire restriction

- People with heart disease or heart rate abnormalities
- When pregnant
- People with chronic back pain, spinal disease, and disc arthritis
- epilepsy, mental disorder, panic disorder.
- The last person who had an endo-surgical surgery.
- Who drank too much?

* Requirements

- Height: 134 cm – 200 cm
- Weight: 35 kg to 125 kg
- Weight limitations may apply depending on the weather conditions on the day.

* Precautions

- Please come to the observatory ticket booth 30 minutes before boarding time and complete the ticket issuance.
- Boarding may be delayed and canceled depending on weather conditions (a 100% refund if canceled because of weather conditions).
- Drinks and pregnant women are restricted from boarding.
- Please be aware that boarding is not possible after the reservation time and cancellation/refund is not possible.

* Precautions

- Be careful not to fall from the air.
- We are not responsible for lost items on board.
- It doesn't matter if you wear glasses, but we won't be responsible if you lose them when riding.
- Do not loosen your seat belt while riding.
- Please sit on the boarding chair while riding and lean back.
- Always put your arms and hands inside.
- Please take off your hat and store it.
- Please understand that those who cannot wear the harness may not be able to board.

★ For other inquiries, please contact us at 033)563-4100/3600.

* Because of the effects of strong wind, operation may be suspended to ensure safety if it rains a lot and snows.
Please make sure to check the weather conditions and inquire about local conditions before using it.

* Refund Regulations

- 100% refund if reservation is canceled 3 days before use
- 10% deduction and refund if reservation is canceled 2 days prior to use
- 20% deduction refund if reservation is canceled 1 day before use
- 30% deduction refund when reservation is canceled on the day of use
- Refund not allowed if not boarding or arriving within the boarding hours without contacting on the same day

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